How to Start Your Own Grant Writing Business

Looking for Capital to Start Your Business?

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Start Your Own Grant Writing Business Business Overview:

If you are looking for a way to start your own business while helping non-profit organizations, you should start your own grant writing business. A grant is typically a sum of money given by a government agency, foundation or private donor to a non-profit organization to assist with funding programs, staff and the general operating budget. Grants are usually very specific as to who can apply for them and what the money can be used for. For this reason a skilled grant writer is needed to ensure all the requirements are met and all instructions for filling out the grant request are followed exactly. If you are an experienced grant writer, starting a grant writing business would be the logical next step and a way for you to increase your profits since you’re not just an “administrative” line item on the grant. It is not unusual for a freelance grant writer to only be paid from a request he or she wrote if that grant request is approved. If you are not a skilled grant writer but are still interested learning how to start a grant writing business, you should know that you can easily hire qualified grant writers to work for you. That will leave you free to concentrate on marketing your business and doing some of the research necessary to find available grant funds. Grants have been around for a long time but in today’s technological world, the Internet is making grant requests much easier and faster to submit. There are still some foundations and agencies that require a hard copy (or several hard copies) of the request to be mailed to them but more and more, these funding groups are allowing requests to be submitted electronically. This makes grant writing an excellent online business idea. You can work from your home office and your team of freelance writers (if you have them) can work from their home offices anywhere in the world. You and your writers will need to have excellent writing skills to set your applications apart from all the others. You will also need to have topnotch research skills in order to be successful with this business idea. Perhaps the hardest part of grant writing is finding the grants. It takes a special skill set to know where to look. This is why hiring a staff to do the research, even if you are an experienced grant writer, is an excellent plan when you get ready to start a grant writing business. There are billions of dollars available to non-profit organizations. All your business needs to do is match those non-profits with grant giving organizations and earn a hefty commission for facilitating the continued funding of important programs.

A Day in the Life of a Grant Writing Business Owner:

This article brought to you by Business Ideas! If you enjoyed this article, make sure to subscribe to the Business Ideas Newsletter to get ideas sent straight to your email inbox.Your day will begin with a check of any new grant opportunities that might match well with any of your clients’ needs. You will likely subscribe to email lists that notify members of new grants when they become available. If you have a staff working for you, you might assign each one a certain number of clients and have them research specifically for those clients. When you or your staff finds a grant that will work for your clients, you will get to work writing the grant request. It is crucial that the paperwork (or online submission) be completed and submitted on time (or early), so you will be in daily contact (even contacting them several times a day if a deadline is near) to monitor their progress. You will also need to spend some time marketing your services to non-profit organizations. You can start with your local area but you will then branch out regionally, nationally and then worldwide if your manpower can handle the workload. You will keep track of grant funding deadlines and contact the funding parties to inquire about their decisions if you have not heard from them. Finally, you will check in with your clients to update them on the progress your team is making in your efforts to secure funding for their programs.

About Your Customers:

Your customers will typically be non-profit organizations who need skilled grant writing services to help them secure operational and program funding. You may also be asked to write grants for education institutions looking to apply for the many federal grants available to them.

What You Need to Start:

  • Grant writing experience or willingness to hire skilled grant writers
  • Excellent research skills or a staff of researchers
  • Excellent networking skills
  • Computer with high-speed Internet connection
  • Grant writing software (optional)

The Good:

  • There is virtually an unlimited amount of money available via grants.
  • Non-profit organizations will always need help funding their programs so this service will always be in demand.
  • You can easily run this business part-time and from your home office, although you may quickly ramp up to full-time as you get more clients.
  • It is rewarding to see your client be awarded a grant and know they can continue in their efforts.
  • If you love a challenge, finding just the perfect grant and having your proposal accepted can be highly gratifying.

The Bad:

  • The competition is extremely fierce for grant funds and the funds aren’t necessarily awarded to the most deserving organization.
  • You and your staff need to be highly organized and meticulous when following directions for writing grant applications.


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