The Baby Planning Business (And Why You Should Consider Becoming a Pregnancy Planner)

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Pregnancy Planner Business Overview:

Expectant moms want to hire a pregnancy planner to help them with all the details surrounding having a new baby. A baby planner comes alongside a soon-to-be mom to help with items such as preparing the nursery, planning the baby shower, ordering birth announcements and baby-proofing the home. As a woman is planning for a baby, she often becomes overwhelmed with the myriad of details that need to be attended to. That’s when she begins to look for a baby concierge. Some baby planners offer assistance even after the baby is born. They know that new moms often need help finding good childcare, determining which type of bottle to transition to if the new mom is heading back to work, and what diaper service to use. It’s easy to encounter information overload in the world of baby products, which is why so many women are now relying on a pregnancy planner. They want someone who will sort through all the details and help make the decisions so that they can relax and enjoy the pregnancy. That’s the job of a baby planner.

A Day in the Life of a baby planner business owner:

This article brought to you by Business Ideas! If you enjoyed this article, make sure to subscribe to the Business Ideas Newsletter to get ideas sent straight to your email inbox.As a pregnancy planner, you will spend part of your day attracting new clients through advertising your services. This business idea will have you on the phone at times, discussing what services your potential clients need and giving them estimates. You may then spend time doing research on products that your existing clients are interested in. Some days will find you meeting with your clients to present the information that they have requested.

The Good:

  • This is a budding industry that is positioned for huge growth potential.
  • You will be working with people who are in one of the most exciting and joyous stages of life.
  • There is almost no overhead required for this business.
  • It’s a perfect business for a stay-at-home mom, offering a high degree of flexibility.
  • You will be helping people greatly reduce their stress level so that they can enjoy their new baby.

The Bad:

  • In difficult economic times fewer people will utilize this service.
  • Some expectant first-time moms will be difficult to work with.


Start This Business Today:

To start a pregnancy and baby planning business today, we recommend you purchase Your Future as a Baby Planner as the only resource you need to become a Pregnancy Planner. It includes a 10- chapter ebook outlining the steps to becoming a baby planner, a client intake worksheet, a baby timetable, baby registry worksheets, and green nursery hints. For more information or to purchase this HIGHLY RECOMMENDED book, click here.

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