How to Start a Courier Business Today

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How to Start a Courier Business Business Overview:

Courier service can be such a rewarding and lucrative industry for the entrepreneur that you must consider learning how to start a courier business of your own. This is a solid business idea because, while there are already several internationally recognized courier services available, many small courier businesses can find great success in picking up where the larger chain couriers leave off. This leaves plenty of room for starting a courier business that thrives and that provides a service many individuals and businesses are looking for. Here are some of the details you’ll want to consider in determining how to start a courier service in your area. First, like any business idea worth its weight, you’ll need a concrete courier business plan which should include elements like your business name, the type of vehicle or vehicles your company will use to transport goods, whether or not you need a business license, permit and insurance in your area, and how much you will charge for your service (though there’s usually an accepted rate among courier services, around 50 cents per mile). Then you’ll want to consider business hours and what area you will service—local or long-distance—and if you can or should hire couriers to work for you right away, or if that’s something you’ll consider when your business takes off. Finally, you will want to think about advertising your business and tracking your expenses. On a more personal note, think about the type of business this is; if you’re the courier (at least initially), do you enjoy driving enough to want to do it for extended periods of time? If so, it’s time to start your engine and give FedEx a run for its money! The other alternative is to run a strictly green business and use only bicycles for delivery. With so many people wanting to green up their businesses, this could be a unique marketing angle for you to promote your service.

A Day in the Life of a Courier Business Owner:

This article brought to you by Business Ideas! If you enjoyed this article, make sure to subscribe to the Business Ideas Newsletter to get ideas sent straight to your email inbox.Since your vehicles are the bread and butter of your business, you will want to ensure on a very regular basis that yours are up and running efficiently—you will have no room for breakdowns and costly repairs in the courier business. Whether you’re using cars or bicycles—or a mixture of both—they must be well maintained. After tending to that daily task, you will then be checking your assignment log, figuring out which goods need to get to which locations and determining the quickest, cheapest way to get them there. If you have couriers working for you, you will want to keep in contact with them, making sure they’re on time and that the customers are happy with your service. In the beginning, you will want to keep up with your marketing to ensure there’s enough business to keep you going strong, and you will always want to end your day with a check of your finances.

About Your Customers:

Your customers will be those individuals or businesses that need goods delivered from one place to another in a timely and economically viable way. Sometimes, the goods might be perishable or require hand-delivery in such a manner that a larger chain courier would not be trusted to deliver, and this is where a more local courier business can really thrive. Customers who use couriers typically expect to pay either a flat fee or pay by distance, but you’ll want to make your pricing and delivery guarantees very clear to all your customers to ensure a smooth move.

What You Need to Start:

  • A business name, license, permit and insurance (if required)
  • Trustworthy, fuel-efficient vehicles (or bicycles)
  • A mobile telephone
  • A GPS system
  • A delivery log (either paper or electronic)
  • A method of advertising your business
  • Financial-tracking software

The Good:

  • You can start this business with minimal investment save a solid vehicle.
  • You can work alone or hire couriers to work for you.
  • You can dictate your work hours and locations.
  • This is a great business for people who hate desk jobs.
  • You can meet a lot of people and discover new places.

The Bad:

  • As mentioned, there are large chain couriers who need not advertise to get business. While you will be competing with them, you can provide a very different service to your customers.
  • There is a great deal of alone time in this business, especially if you’re the courier who is in transit much of the day (or night).


Start This Business Today:

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