7 Crazy Business Ideas That Morphed Into Restaurants

It’s amazing how some people can make the craziest idea come to life and turn it into a successful venture. When it comes to starting ones own business, it seems like most people choose the restaurant model. I am not sure exactly why many people are so drawn towards the restaurant business, but it sure is a popular one among people with ideas. We will be featuring some crazy, inspirational and WTF? business ideas in coming weeks. As you can tell from the title, we are going to kick it off with some crazy restaurants. Some of you may already know about these and some may have been there, but if you haven’t, be ready to hold your jaw to make sure it doesn’t hit the floor.

1. The Modern Toilet Restaurant

If there are two things that don’t go together very well, it’s food and toilet. However, the Modern Toilet Restaurant in Taiwan has to be one of the craziest business ideas ever. The whole restaurant is based on bathroom theme. The chairs are actual toilet seats, tables are bathtubs with glass tops and your food is served in toilet shaped dishes. Hats off to whoever had this crazy idea and actually made it work. I for one refuse to sit on a toilet bowl or eat out of it.

Modern Toilet 1

Modern Toilet 2

2. Cabbages and Condoms Restaurant

Another one of those weird business ideas that took off. Cabbages and Condoms Restaurant is located in Metropolitan Bangkok and the reason it is named so is to create awareness and acceptance of family planning. Not a bad idea! However, some things seems to be a little overboard when it comes to eating at the restaurant. Although I personally support the great cause I am not sure how thrilled I would be to see my server bringing a dish wearing a condom on his head. Pretty creepy if you ask me. The slogan of the restaurant is : Our Food Is Guaranteed Not To Cause Pregnancy.

CabbagesandCondoms 1

CabbagesandCondoms 2

3. The Vampire Cafe

When it comes to Japan, it’s almost impossible to beat them in weirdness. Vampire Cafe is one of those crazy business ideas that seems to be doing quite well in Tokyo. If you are into draculas and hissing, this restaurant is certainly for you. I am sure True Blood fans would enjoy eating at this restaurant while watching their favorite show. The waiteresses dress in Gothic French maid outfits and the waiters in tuxedo. One thig for sure, The Vampire Cafe has all the elements to make your night bloody awesome.



4. The Medical Restaurant

I hate going to a hospital and it probably is one of the reason I can’t stand doctors. Although ads on TV says “Real men go to the doctor” all I have to say is if that what makes a man a man, then I am not one of them. Taiwan seems to be topping everyone else so far when it comes to weird business ideas in the form of a restaurant. This restaurant is located in Taipei and the entire setting of the restaurant is based on a hospital theme. Spooky! Although the fact that servers are dressed in nurse outfit almost makes me want to pay a visit, the fact that my drinks will come out of an IV drip bottle isn’t worth the visit. However, the business seems to be going good and a Taiwanese entrepreneur once again takes the cake for this weird business idea.

MedicalRestaurant 1


5. The Hospital Restaurant

It seems like when it comes to weird business ideas that can be turned into restaurants, hospital theme is pretty popular. This is another restaurant which operates in similar ways to the one above but is located in Riga, Latvia. This restaurant seems to be a little more high tech as compared to the one in Taipei but the idea is pretty much the same, not to say weird. However, I personally like Europeans more than Asian so I wouldn’t mind paying a visit to see the long legged waitresses in nurses outfit, I am sure you wouldn’t either.



6. The Ice Lounge

If you are thinking I am going to tell you that this restaurant is in Alaska, you are wrong. The Ice Lounge is located in Dubai, UAE. Many of you know all about the scorching heat that hits the Middle East and it almost seems impossible to have an Ice Lounge in a climate like that. Well, we are glad someones business idea has proved once again that nothing is impossible. In the Ice Lounge nothing is warm and everything from furniture to cups are made out of ice. The temperature inside is a chilling -5 degree Celsius and as soon as you walk out the Ice Lounge it’s well over 40. Some weird idea and no doubt a good way to beat the heat.



7. Only In America

This is a restaurant that you will be able to find anywhere in the US and it is pretty weird. Before we start talking about this particular one we would like to let you know about the Ninja New York Restaurant which is based on a Ninja Theme. However, the original idea was from Japan so can’t really say it’s a crazy business idea that originated in the US. But the one we are about to tell you is certainly a product of American mind or at least people living in the US. It’s the Chinese Restaurants in US. No matter where you go in the US, you will be able to find at least one chinese restaurant. The town may not have a grocery store or a gas station but there sure will be a Chinese restaurant. That’s not the crazy part of it though. The crazy part is that most Chinese Restaurant carry more American food than Chinese food. That in itself is a crazy business idea – serve more food from one country and name it as food from somewhere else. Only in America.


Whether you agree or not, personally I think those are some of the craziest business ideas people have cashed in on. A hospital restaurant? A modern toilet restaurant? Come on, those are some of the craziest place to think of when planning a date night. The only thing I can think of at this point is the fact that “if there is a will, there certainly is a way.” Let your ideas run wild every once in a while and go for your dream, if these ideas can rake in cash, yours might be the next big thing.

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